My Deepest Gratitude To You

Growing up, one of the virtues that had been gravely instilled in me is gratitude. I was taught the habit of always saying thank you, be it the simplest of thank yous to a bus driver or a most heartfelt gratitude to a close friend. But I have realized that sometimes it is easier to say thank you to a stranger than to a family or loved one, even for the most trivial of things.

But why?

When I was in Singapore, I worked for a renowned multinational health & beauty company and I remember this exercise during one of the seminars for store management trainees where our instructor asked us to write a thank you note to someone who we’re thankful for. 

And this is what I wrote:

(March 19, 2012 11:53AM)

Thank you…

• for taking care of me when I fainted and puked last time.
• for the old chang kee cheez balls and pokka milk tea.
• for the coffee and sponge cake you took from training.
• for the company yesterday at Disney On Ice and the karaoke.
• for understanding my tantrums yesterday, yet again.
• for adjusting, for giving in to my brattiness everytime.
• for always choosing not to give up on our unspoken promise that we’re in this thing together, even when things become too unbearable.

Thank you for everything. Thank you for the friendship. ☺️

If not for that little exercise, I would not have been conscious about these things that my heart felt grateful for. It would have been hard to say thank you to this friend and let him know how greatly thankful I was am that he is was always there for me.

And so maybe here’s why:

Gratitude is one of the least articulate of the emotions, especially when it is deep. (Felix Frankfurter)

That’s how deep my gratitude must have been be.