I Grew Up

I was a child when I met him.

Happy, simple and naive. But reckless. It was always my heart over my head, and so I fell for him. Hard. Even if he had no intentions of catching me.

It was impossible not to fall.

With him I felt protected. With him I felt most taken cared of. I felt like nothing could go wrong and even if it did, I knew I had him. He was always there for me. Always. Until he wasn’t.

So I grew up.

Now I’m someone who thinks before she feels. Someone who calculates every step, every decision, every commitment. I may have lost a part of the child in me but it’s not that bad at all.

Because now I learned how to own up to my mistakes. How to clean up the messes I somehow still make. Most of all, I learned what it takes to become my own hero.

Thanks to him.